Large or small, private or public, an important event is worth having photographed professionally.  When you choose Full Moon Photo to photograph your event, you can rest assured that you’ll get customized coverage that provides you with an assortment of exciting images that capture and tell the complete story of the days events.

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Weddings, graduation ceremonies, potlatches & feasts, family reunions, birthday parties, corporate functions, and festivals are a few of the events we  commonly photograph.  No matter the nature or size of your event, contact us to discuss the details of why you’re considering having it photographed professionally and we’ll work with you to determine a photography package that specifically suits your needs.


We make every reasonable effort to be unobtrusive while we make great images of an event.  We pre-scout the event space and discuss the event timeline to determine the best shooting positions for providing effective coverage while maintaining a low profile.  When we need to be “up front” for a shot, we go there, get the shot, then quickly retreat to a less invasive position.


Visit our EVENTS portfolio to see image samples from some of the events we’ve photographed.